Wyoming's Early Learning Standards

Birth Through Kindergarten: A practice-based tool for early childhood educators

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Wyoming Early Childhood Behavioral Consultants

Wyoming has a new program bringing access to more support for early childhood education centers, daycares, and preschools across Wyoming.

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Creating a Shared Vision to Ensure High-Quality Learning for Wyoming’s Children

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Voices from the Village

A new podcast from the Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative highlighting voices of nationally recognized early childhood experts alongside the voices of our local experts, Wyoming early childhood educators

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Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative Framework


The mission of the Wyoming Early Childhood Professional  Learning Collaborative is to elevate the early childhood field in Wyoming by providing high-impact* professional learning opportunities to educators working with young children and Families. 

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homepage.jpgIn 2014 the University Of Wyoming Board Of Trustees established the Trustees Education Initiative, with the goal of improving the quality of teacher preparation in the College of Education to support a vibrant and innovative education workforce for the state. One result of the initiative was the creation of the Wyoming Early Childhood Outreach Network, a network focused on elevating the early childhood education workforce and improving the quality of learning opportunities for young children in Wyoming. After establishing an essential partnership with Wyoming Kids First, collaborative outreach efforts between both entities began to take shape in January 2019.



Coinciding with this work, the Wyoming Department of Family Services, WY Quality Counts, and Align began to consider a new framework for delivery of early childhood professional development, utilizing regional trainers. As leaders involved in both efforts engaged in dialogue, clear linkages between program goals emerged and a collective vision of early childhood professional development in Wyoming began to solidify. The potential to increase impact by leveraging expertise and funding across agencies and programs became clear, and additional partnerships with existing professional development supports and programs were established, including a partnership with the Statewide Training and Resource System (STARS), to track professional development. In addition, Project ECHO in Early Childhood Education, a distance training model in the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND), agreed to align training content with Professional Learning Collaborative goals. With these key partnerships in place the Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative was created.

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Supporting Our Youngest

Supporting Our Youngest

From the moment a child is brought into the world, social interactions influence their development. Learning social cues, communication, verbal and nonverbal skills, play, sharing, and attachment all are formed in different ways by socializing with others.
A New Day for Early Learning in Wyoming

A New Day for Early Learning in Wyoming

A sunrise welcomes the day and invites us to start again. Each day is a chance for a new beginning. When everything comes together, it can be breathtaking. The new Wyoming Early Learning Standards are also the chance for a new start.
Classroom Tides

Classroom Tides

How many times in the classroom are you fighting the current of your students’ learning interests? Forcing yourself forward into the goals and expectations you have set only to feel like you’ve made no progress? What would happen if we collaborated with children and their interests instead? Dancing forward with our goals and sideways with theirs. What would our classroom look like?

Voices from the Village

Collaborative  Partners

The Wyoming Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative is a joint effort to establish a new and innovative system for designing and delivering professional development, with the goal of improving learning outcomes for Wyoming’s youngest children by elevating the quality of the early childhood programs they attend. Collaborative partners include: The Wyoming Department of Family Services, WY Quality Counts, The Wyoming Early Childhood Outreach Network, Wyoming Kids First, Align, The Wyoming Statewide Training and Resource System, and Project ECHO in Early Childhood Education.

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